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Okay all... I'm considering doing a Flash costume; Wally West from "Justice League" style.

I've looked on TheLeagueofHeroes forums, as well as for info, but he seems to be a not-super-popular costume.

The first

But then I looked into getting a pre-made one from but have read mixed reviews on their quality, durability and post-customer service. (anyone here know about them?)

I've also considered getting an open face red suit from, then sculpting my own cowl and belt and stuff.

So... question is, does anyone know a good place to get a good Flash costume? Or should I just make my own?
I've seen some posts about this place:
Flex Design Costumes
Probably not what you're looking for, but I mention it because their muscle suits remind me of the costume from the 90's Flash TV series. Most of them are flesh-colored under-suits, but I guess they also make custom suits in other colors to wear as an outer suit. Definitely not cheap, though!

I also did a search and found someone wearing a flash costume with a Flex Design muscle suit underneath. I don't know where the outer costume came from, but it gives you an idea:
There are several vendors listed on The SCF's Vendor thread (you'll have to apply for membership to see the thread) who might be able to help. However, I'd rather not post their info on a public forum without their permission.
That armored Flash is AWESOME SWEET!! Thanks for sharing those. That will so be my next Flash suit!

For now, here are pics of my suit as it is. The emblem isn't the final one (and needs to be glued on) plus a couple of other tweaks, but I'm very happy with it.

For the suit I got a red, full-face suit from Then I bought a Captain America mask, had AMDarkness sand down and fill in the "A" so it was smooth, trimmed it off some then used 3M spray glue to adhere it to the inside of the hood. I cut out the eyes and chin area and used brush on Krazy Glue to glue the edges of the eyes down. AMDarkness made the ears and chest emblem for me and the belt is made out of plastic sheeting from Lowe's, then airbrushed yellow.

Most pics soon!
(I really DO have the face for this costume... do I not?)
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