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  1. T

    Batman: Does anyone know who designed this cowl?

    I remember finding this on Instagram but can't remember the account name but i love the design file:///Users/hunterkelly/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202017-07-08%20at%2010.55.43%20AM.png
  2. Crimson Hood

    Red Hood "Outlaw" Inspired Suit (Picture Heavy)

    I've always been a bit of a Red Hood fanboy, and I never had really picked up too many of his comics until I saw the new revamp. DC is bringing Red Hood to almost be the Punisher of the DC universe, and the suit matches it. If you haven't seen the suit before here's what it looks like. As soon...
  3. bigdaz

    Want to Buy WTB: Man of Steel emblem and suit material

    Looking to do a display for a friend and need a Man of Steel emblem and a piece of suit material to mount it to. Both to be high quality and as screen accurate as possible. Cash waiting for the right quality pieces. Thanks - Darren
  4. ShadowAssassin

    Arkham Origins Deathstroke - Finished build FOAM

    Just under a year ago I begun production on my Arkham Origins/Knight Deathstroke foam build. I'd been posting progress pics and updates on my instagram but thought it was time to make a thread here about making it. There are still minor things I am fixing with it and want to change but I still...
  5. S

    Has anyone ordered a DOJ or JL batsuit from this seller?

    I came across a seller on etsy called kyonleestore who sell batman and wonderwoman suits from DOJ WW and JL. The details look incredible, the batman suits even have raise patterns and awesome muscle suit. The reviews are mostly positive except for one person whos suit got lost in the mail and...
  6. T

    Justice League Motherbox replica?

    Anyone been working on a motherbox replica from Justice League? If so, post some pictures! I'd love to see them. I also had a question about the props. After their "shells" come off, anyone know what the material the bare motherbox resembled? It looked like some pattern or material I've seen...
  7. LordVader01

    Black Manta - Injustice 2 Build

    So with the introduction of Black Manta into the injustice universe, he came with a whole new set of gear, my favorite is as follows: Now I'm starting with the helmet, and if all goes as planned moving onto the rest of the suit. So for the helmet, I think sculpting it is impractical, since...
  8. J

    Deathstroke - Arkham Origins - Jerverant

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post here. Since i've realized that Deathstroke was going to appear in Justice League, I wanted to start this costume from this amazing character. So here is the process so far: I've decided to start making the gun, a M4 Carabine. I know Deathstroke...
  9. S

    Superman is In...... For Justice League 2017

    I recently go through a video of Justice league recent trailer on youtube which in last shows Presence of Superman in Justice League. Have a Look and Do Share Your Thoughts. <span style="font-family: Arial">
  10. ShadowAssassin

    Batman Vs Superman armored batsuit - AZTLAN / FOAM - Pic heavy

    I purchased the Pepakura files off Aztlan around 6 months ago, but started work on it around February. I was only working on the suit on and off for a few hours at a time throughout the months. Overall I didn't encounter too many problems, however the shins and forearms were a hassle to get the...
  11. Matamune

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit (Justice League)

    So I am looking at another possible cosplay from the Flash world, this time from Justice League. I wanted to gauge your guys' reaction to some ideas. I looked on eBay for suits, and there is this one that I found that's basically all leather, similar to Grant Gustins suit from the TV show. It...
  12. Dirtbag11

    DCEU Aquaman armor build

    I've started an Aquaman armor build from the upcoming Justice League movie, and I thought I'd document my progress.
  13. FreddySchramm

    Bronze cast Green Lantern Rings

    Nice metalworking project I'm working on. So I 3d printed 14 green lantern rings to cast in bronze.These were cast in the traditional bronze casting way, not really the detailed way that's used to make jewelry but nevertheless it works. The big challenge was gating all of them with wax...
  14. danburnsjla15

    Flash Costume Questions

    So its been years since I posted (sorry, haven't had any serious cosplay commitments since then) but now I've got a big one planned. It's going to be either The Flash, or Robin. Flash will probably be based around the Justice League movie Ezra Miller version, and Robin would be my own design...
  15. W

    Dawn of Justice Batman armor build

    After much thought I've decided to build the batman armor from the Dawn of Justice movie. I'm pretty happy about the files I found just hope I can do them some justice (pun intended). I'm going to pep out the helmet and do the armor in cardboard and resin w/ body filler. I'll be posting updates...
  16. W

    Batman cowl

    I've been a long time admirer of this hobby this is 2nd attempted build (never completed the first one) I used Ruze789 unfold of TDK cowl so thank you for that! Still in the early stages the photos will show I'm done with the first coat of body filler. Started to do a second coat on the back...
  17. D

    Batman Justice League design - also Iron Spider and Spider-man 2099

    Some new dye-sub designs, If anyone is unsure how to have these spandex suits made feel free to comment below and I can give you instructions etc. Updated Batman Justice league design, very subtle shading Iron Spider design Spider-man 2099
  18. L

    Want to Buy Desperate for Wonder Woman Dawn of justice replica costume

    Hi all, I am not sure where to post this but am hoping that by some miracle one of you might be able to prove to be a saviour, or help point me in the right direction. My wife is celebrating her 40th birthday on Saturday the 19th of November and has been planning a costume party for it for...
  19. N

    The Flash WIP

    Ok, so again, I'm brand new at this so go easy on me. Haha. I'm taking bits and pieces of ideas from several different Flash costumes that I like as well as adding some components that are my own idea. Overall though, I feel like the majority of the costume is coming from the new Justice...
  20. C

    Ezra Miller Flash Suit 3D Model WIP

    Hey everyone! I've been a long time lurker on these forums and I am finally glad I'm a member! Words don't explain my hype for Justice League, and more specifically, the cinematic debut of The Flash. I have every bit of faith in Ezra and can't wait for his performance of the scarlet...
  21. alecpop

    Justice League War Batman Cowl Build

    So I'm going to be constructing this cowl pretty soon. I was also hoping that someone could convert the pdo version here:( https://www.onekura.com/blog/batman-helmet-justice-league-war/ ) into pdf templates and then send them to me. Any comments and help would be very much appreciated. I'm a mac...
  22. A

    Justice League , The Flash Cowl / Helmet , Ezra Miller (3D Model and Pepakura file)

    Privet vsem! (its on Russian,heh) For the past few weeks I modeling The Flash helmet from the upcoming film Justice League. Really like this design,color and Ezra in this role : ) So,I want to share you some process picture. Unfortunately, I haven`t a lot of references,but for begining its good...
  23. kiyominai

    Interest Justice League - The Flash - Brick Pattern Undersuit Screen Printed Fabric Run

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed the Justice League trailer as much as I did. Anyways, a high resolution image of the movie version of the Flash suit was released yesterday and as you can notice, there's a brick pattern design on the undersuit of the fabric as seen here: Since I...
  24. deathstroke132

    Final 3d sculpt for my batfleck cowl

    hey there! I posted earlier this week about my other version. but ima put on the finished one now. so as you can see there are a lot of improvements. I plan on getting it 3d printed and then I'm going to mold it and then cast it in some urethane rubber. I will post a thread when I get around...
  25. Pannaus Props

    Interest Dawn Of Justice Superman Emblem

    Hey guys, as some of you may know, we made one of the most accurate emblem out there in recent years. I have been asked by many to make the new emblem. I am opening this thread to know if there would be enough interest in this. New emblem will be around 30 x 20 cm in size, rubber or resin...