The Definitive "Daredevil: Born Again" Matt Murdock/Daredevil Thread


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It's that time again! Time for another definitive thread. The old style ones, with a one-stop shopping list. I'll keep this as updated as I can whenever new information comes out. Here we go...

CONFIRMED BY MANUFACTURER: First up: the white cane. I was pretty quick to figure this one out, since I had already identified the one used in the Netflix series way back when, and I've since become intimately familiar with the brand. Still, I contacted the manufacturer just to make absolutely sure before I bought one. The new cane is still an Ambutech, but this time it's the AMBUTECH GRAPHITE MOBILITY CANE. Still four folding sections with a slip-on pencil tip, just some slight detail differences in the joints. I'm not sure what the screen accurate length is, but it's definitely shorter than the original. I'm about the same height as Charlie Cox, and what looked right to me was the 54" length (keep in mind, Ambutech canes come in whatever length you need, but only in even numbers). If new info comes out, I'll update it here and update my own cane for accuracy's sake.


CONFIRMED (MATCHED DETAILS AND COLOR): Here's a BIG one that I've seen getting asked about a lot around Facebook, Reddit, and here. Matt's new glasses. Once I actually sat down and started looking for them, it didn't take me long to find a pair that I thought was a match. I sent some photos to a couple of friends, and they thought they looked the same as well, so I ordered a pair. Once I got them in hand, I sent the photos to Indy Magnoli , and he said they looked to be correct without a doubt. I used set photos of Charlie Cox to confirm shapes and details (such as temple tips, bridge, rim shape, and the shape of the acetate framing the rims), as well as photos of him on set talking to Nikki M. James, where certain parts I hadn't been able to see before were illuminated in natural sunlight. The new glasses are a pretty expensive pair of luxury frames. You're looking for the ANNE ET VALENTIN M.2, color code 8A08. Just like the incognito Persol glasses from season 3, they used a pair of eyeglasses rather than sunglasses and made custom lenses. I'll include reference photos of Charlie, the photos from online listings, and photos of my own pair of these. Also, rest assured, I'm hoping to save the rest of you from spending the retail price, as I'll be sending my pair to Indy so he can do his thing with them.


More to (hopefully) come!
Thought I'd post some of the photos of the new suit.


  • dareveil-charlie-cox-born-again-costume-suit-550x550h.png
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Thought I'd post some of the photos of the new suit.
Not really the type of the thread to post pictures in "just because it's related." Definitive threads are meant to be one-stop-shopping lists for accurate materials or items.

That being said, the boots for the new suit have been ID'ed thanks to pinder91 :

CONFIRMED: MATCHED SOLES AND COLOR: Under Armour Micro G Strikefasts

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