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  1. NuadaDesigns

    Captain America Helmet from a Daredevil Cowl WIP

    Had a fibreglass casting of a season 2/3 Daredevil cowl sitting around and right after watching Endgame I finally got the itch to make a Cap helmet. Not finished yet, or 100% accurate, but all done with Bondo and a Dremel over the Daredevil base.
  2. JKKS

    Limited Run Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 Mask - OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS

    Hi everyone, After months of work, I am finally ready to take order for our new and improved Daredevil Season 3 mask. This is coming out much later than I anticipated. This project has been kind of a struggle as we went back and forth multiple times, perfecting everything down to the smallest...
  3. T

    Need a Netflix Daredevil Cowl

    Looking for a Netflix Daredevil cowl that is battle damaged. If anyone is interested in doing a commission contact me, I can pay via PayPal just looking for something professional with some creativity.
  4. F

    Netflix Daredevil Season 2 Red Suit -- Completed Project

    Greetings and Salutations! I have been an avid lurker here at the RPF for a good long while, but I figured this particular project was finally of a worth and subject matter that would be of interest to you fine folks: I and my SO recently completed a build of the Netflix Daredevil Season 2...
  5. P

    Help with Matt Murdock Outfit (Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix)

    Can everyone please link all the information they may have or tell me all the information about this usual outfit of matt murdocks, this is my first project and it's pretty casual, please help :)
  6. virateck

    Daredevil Mask Finished

    Hi everyone !! :) I just finished making Daredevil's mask , based on "Devildog12" files :) So the print : WIP : The finished model after adding missing details : Preparing for molding : And the firsts casts ! :) First cast pics : First cast prepped and painted ...
  7. S

    Daredevil Netflix Helmet (Help?)

    Hey everybody! I 3D Printed my Daredevil Netfix helmet for Dragon-Con, and I was planning on wearing it, but after 2 minutes of wearing it outside I was pouring down sweat, so I really don't want to wear it all day. I am building a vac former within the next few weeks and was thinking about...
  8. instant classic

    REQ Where can I obtain a 2003 Daredevil UD replicas replica costume

    Hey I was wondering if anyone on here knew where or how I could obtain a UD replicas daredevil complete costume? I don't know anyone on here who makes the netflix red suit so I was hoping for the next best thing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
  9. MiGran

    My Daredevil Netflix cowl is ready!

    The symbol of our company "Nelson & Murdock" - Daredevil mask - is finally ready! This project took a lot of time, but now we can guarantee his maximum similarity with the original one. Mask was recreated inspired by mask of the main character in the second season.The official figure from...
  10. Jetskigunner

    Finished Heavy Armor Daredevil

    I've been lurking on the RPF for quite some time now. I usually don't post finished projects or WIP builds (although I have no idea why considering how often I work on props and costumes). But this time I've decided to actually put my work out there. So without further ado, here is my Heavy...
  11. jikeel

    Protech Compisite Daredevil suit

    I just wanted to share a few photos of what the proteccomposites.com Kevlar fabric looks like if you are actually insane enough to attempt it. I really like how it turned out. I really do. I fear some of you will hate it. That's ok :) I just wanted to post what its potential looks like...

    Daredevil S2 - Early Frank Castle Refs Thread (PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys, I've been trying to put together a reference list of the various parts used in Jon Bernthal's early Punisher costume in Daredevil season 2. I love the costume, it's simple, iconic and definitely feels like something Frank Castle would wear. If you've got any information or corrections...
  13. TestEagle

    Punisher Vest from Netflix Daredevil Season 2

    I tend to do more WIPs but as we've had a few projects on we haven't done one this time, this is more of a show of final product. This was our first version: And here is our current (with Punisher emblem): Vest is made with a combination of cordura, leather, nylon straps and various...
  14. WebsIinger

    Daredevil Netflix Mask Eyes

    Hey everyone this is the mask I made for my Netflix Double D Can someone recommend what material should I use for the eyes? Not looking for an exact replica or anything but just something similar maybe? Thanks and have a good day people
  15. T

    Netflix Punisher Vest

    I mostly wanted to share this to give props to SMP Designs (http://www.therpf.com/member.php?u=47321) for his awesome build thread (found here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=262121 ). It was a great help in putting together the Netflix Punisher Vest for a friend. My roommate will be...
  16. Jonbre

    Want to Buy Daredevil Fox Style Billy Club

    Looking for a Fox-style (2003 movie) Daredevil billy club. It doesn't have to have a bunch of features, just look good. Reasonable pricing would be highly appreciated. Thanks for any and all info or leads!
  17. SMP Designs

    Netflix Punisher Vest WIP - Pic Heavy

    Hi all! I'm back with Punisher this time! First off, I have to give a shout out to @Br00mstigg for his great thread on this piece. The diagrams and reference pics he offered were a huge help getting this off the ground as quickly as it has. So, on with it... Using the below picture (thanks to...
  18. quiksilvababe

    Daredevil Netflix black costume : MASK ONLY

    QUESTION, what the hell is he wearing under his mask? It looks like a masquerade mask, or something. There is that definitive line there. Apologize if someone addressed this but I havent found a thread yet. Thanks!
  19. KJC

    DAREDEVIL Netflix/MCU Insipired Helmet/Cowl

    So I started trying to model the Netflix Daredevil season 2 helmet, but it turns out I'm not very good at exact replica accuracy. Some things happened by accident that I liked, so I decided to run with the design as an original concept instead. It is still very much in the style of the Netflix...
  20. Wolverine8

    DareDevil Cowl W.I.P.

    Here is my first DareDevil cowl. First templates: Then foams: And all join together with cement glue, after that 5 coat mod podge: Ready for paint. First time I'm gonna use airbrush. I hope it will finish fine...
  21. the whiphand

    MCU Elektra

    With a bit of digging under my belt, I can't find a thread that focuses strictly on Elektra in this series, and instead I've only found bits in Daredevil threads. Any information on accurately identified items for any of her costumes will be updated here as information is shared, with credit...
  22. Br00mstigg

    WIP Punisher Skull Flak-Jacket (from Daredevil Season 2) + sewing patterns

    I just finished my second viewing of the second season of Daredevil and holy crap i love the Punisher :) Still all hyped up from the finale I thought hey, I've got a few days left before my courses begin again, how about a quick side project. First I tried to find a few pictures for reference...
  23. F

    Help with Netflix Daredevil armor!!

    I need help with the thickness that I should use for the armor on Daredevil in the newish series. Any ideas? Where I can get some? What thickness? Please help!!
  24. G

    My Daredevil billy clubs(spring cord retraction) tutorial

    Hello everyone. First post here. A couple of cosplayers I met at a convention last year suggested I post in the RPF if I had anything I thought was worth sharing. I hope this qualifies, and I would love feedback. If the YouTube embed doesn't take, hopefully at least you can click through or cut...
  25. KillerofSaints

    Done / Completed Daredevil (2003 ) 3-Way BILLY CLUB / STAFF / NUNCHUCKS ** 2ND Run accepting deposits

    Prototype pics: Actual Pics of finished clubs: Prototype vs. Actual link to the youtube video of the club in action: Adamentium Studios is now offering a 2nd run of our museum quality replica Daredevil Billy Clubs. The clubs are constructed of steel, aluminum and some alloys and...

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