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Hello, like many of us I was enamored with The Batman ever since the first trailer dropped. The atmosphere, production design, costume design, cinematography, color grading, everything is everything I could want from a form of media. This Gotham became my favorite Gotham, and so too did this batsuit. Over the last two years I've worked on making the highest accuracy suit I can (along with two years of bodybuilding to fill it out properly); using sourced parts directly matching the screen-used suit, the highest quality raw parts from makers, or parts made custom by myself. I've modified every little piece to match the film suit in its entirety, and hope the end result showcases the obsession and admiration I have for everyone on the original film.

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them, and I look forward to seeing how this suit evolves with future installments in this universe. All final photos by @suit_up_photography on Instagram.

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cloninaround - what is the make of your grapple gun and are you happy with it? I'm looking for a nice display kit/model.
I used the BigFredCustoms model for the sticky bomb gun, although I made some modifications to the overall form and details to make it more accurate, I am pleased with the scale and the overall assembly.

My grapnel guns/vambraces custom files designed by me and ntx3d on Instagram, and I’m very pleased with the result. We made them extendable with the same mechanism as the Vengeance in the Making BTS, just without a spring so it was safer for display/cons.



I forgot to list all the detail pics for those, the vambraces were the final part of the suit to finish off and were ground up designed for full functionality. Using 2mm cold rolled steel, dozens of fasteners, multiple prints, and all the real things I could bring to the table these things not only feel real, but look like the real deal. We attempted to match all the details as close as possible and I think we succeeded in the design.

Using the amazing metal darts from JJ Industries as well for that little touch. Very pleased with the end result, was about 6-7 months of the last stretch full build.

That’s movie quality stuff. Is the undersuit custom made or available as is?
Really appreciate it. Neither really, base suit is from Napiers Inc but I heavily, heavily modified it for accuracy, fit changes, and further modifications. End of the day it is direct from a maker but I probably made about 30 or so modifications on the undersuit alone.
The cowl is a DIY from Robert’s Workshop that I sewed up, added mesh/pockets/weathering/trimmed and more to finish up.

The main process was hand sewing then oil paints on the exterior to match the film best I could. However, I do not recommend ordering from Rob given his track record with other customers especially recently sadly.
I am in love with that cowl? What was the process for that piece?
Looks beyond awesome OP!! Had the same idea of slowly building one for myself piece by piece. Unfortunately I’m no maker. Nor have I unlimited funds. Sourced myself the gloves, boots, most of the pieces to the belt. Unfortunately sticky gun and ammo holder (the cylinder one) never arrived from Etsy. Belt is done except for these and installing the triangle ring is yet to be done. Asked my wife to help with the sewing but she hasn’t got the time.

Import taxes are a bitch, probably -300€ just on taxes due to ordering from US amazon.
That plus Russia-Ukraine war bringing every price up locally and abroad, my wife hating my costuming hobby and giving me a hard time for using funds for a hobby is pretty much saying I shouldn’t finish it. There’s really no culture here except for anime cosplays so I’m just looked upon as a weirdo. My wife even said she’s embarrassed of me in my Indy clothes so… ‍
Even so, building a Jon Snow at the moment. Hope to finish it before Comic Con Finland.

Hope to finish it someday, never say never. And at least my kids like me dressing up. My wife hasn’t touched her costumes even on Halloween.
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cloninaround -- any chance you can show more details of your cowl? I just got my hands on a Gc5fx version for display and I want to weather it. I'm keen to see how your weathered yours.
cloninaround -- any chance you can show more details of your cowl? I just got my hands on a Gc5fx version for display and I want to weather it. I'm keen to see how your weathered yours.
Of course! The cowl I sewed up then did some transparent blacks over the threading to seep into the holes. I then used some pill paints (raw umber and a yellow ochre) to build up dirt and accentuate the sculpt.



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