Testors dullcoat on enamel?


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Is it safe over enamel paints?

on the can it says laquer but according to Testors Website it should be safe on enamel paints apparently its not a real arsh lacquer, I ask beacause I used Tamiya lacquer once over enamel and ruined the paintjob which started wrinkling, I assume the Tamiya is much stronger.

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This comes from 30yrs of dealing with paints doing professional comercial art.

Rule of thumb, You CAN paint latex over enamel. You CAN'T paint enamel over latex. crackling.

Tamiya is neither latex OR enamel. It is an acetone base type paint. You CAN paint Tamiya over enamel. You CAN'T paint Tamiya over latex, crackling.

SOME times crackling is desirable. Extreme weathering is an example.

Testers Dul coat, like all Testers rattle cans are enamel type lacquer.

Lacquer is generally an oil / turpentine / mineral spirit type base. UNLESS the can clearly states latex base (H2O soluble VS paint thiner/turpentine / mineral spirit soluble)

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I recently sprayed Montana Gold (acrylic) over Plastikote (lacquer) primer, and Tamiya (lacquer?) primer - the Montana Gold is ROCK solid - doesn't come up with masking tape, blue tape, Tamiya tape... I was impressed.


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Maybe Tamiya Paints over enamel is fine but not Tamiya Dull coat over enamel, I did that and the enamel paint started wrinkling, the Tamiya Dull coat is a laquer base much stronger than Testors dull coat.



Here's how it should go: cool solvents over hot solvents. Acetone, lacquer thinner= hot solvent. Water or alcohol = cool solvent. So the layers world go like this:lacquer base, urethane (should you use that), enamel, water-based acrylic last. You can use a hot solvent paint over a cool solvent IF a. the paint is completely cured (several days to several weeks. Enamel takes 30 days to cure completely). and b, you use light dusting coats. It's risky but it can be done.


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I spray dullcote over enamels all the time. Just give the enamel layer a day to cure and use light coats. It's not a harsh lacquer like it used to be. Doesn't even smell like lacquer as it used to years ago.


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Is it still visibly yellow even before application? So glad we have access to better clears these days. :)


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Is it still visibly yellow even before application? So glad we have access to better clears these days. :)

from what I read if applied over very light colors especially white you will see a slight hue difference.


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I've used it over models and custom vinyl toys. If you lay it on too thick or too many coats yes, it does yellow a bit. Just do a couple thin coats.
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