Quick Weekend Project - 3D Printed Rancor from Fotis Mint


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First, these files are from Fotis Mint over on printables. If you are looking for some excellent models to cut your teeth on (both in terms of printing and painting) check them out as he recently published a bunch of his great work there.

Before I start on a much larger project involving my vinyl kit of this same creature, I have been looking for a smaller version I can print out and test my painting skills on. I spend most of my time painting hard-edge models but I really enjoy painting figures and this Rancor is an excellent sculpt! It's getting way too cold to be outside here so I spent a good part of Saturday painting this and making a small base for it. He was printed on my Jupiter with Siratech Sculpt which is one of my go-to resins for figures like this.

Here he is all primed up. Recently I have switched to using mostly air-brushed primer. I really, really like the Tamiya primers and for props and larger projects I will still go what route, but it's not cheap (and needs to be used outdoors). Also, when it comes to anything this small with a lot of detail, it's easy to overdo it with the rattle cans. My current go-to primers are the Acrylic/Urethane from Veljjo or if I need something a bit stronger I use the primers from Alcald. The Urethane based primer does not sand very well and truly takes 24 hours to properly cure. So far I have not had any issues with it and it seems to hold up pretty well.


This is how you know you are nearing the end of a project :)


As usual, no matter what I did, the camera lost a lot of the variation in colors. I really tried to make this as 'organic' as I could. I started with Tamiya paints followed by Archive-X for some color variation and dry brushing and then pretty much broke out everything else I have to weather with and finished with a bit of oil and pigments.








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Nice work! have a look at the Stynylrez primers from Badger, they are way way better than Vallejo - you can sand them after half an hour !

Thanks, amd thanks for the tip. That primer does look awesome. I like that you can get it in a bunch of different shades. I will try it out for sure.
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