Terra cotta?


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I apologize if this is posted on the wrong thread.

I am looking to sculpt an Iron Man helmet. I wanted to know if Terra cotta is a good clay to work with. Because I am taking ceramics at my university so I know how to work the clay and it's cheap (20 bucks for a 50lb bag). The only problem is that it shrinks a bit when it dries. Or should I use an oil based clay like Roma Plastilina?
on some websites ive seen 2lbs going for around $10, so im assuming that 50lb will be rather pricey. google "chavant nsp" to find some distributors
You can use the finer grained white clay rather than Terra Cotta. It is also cheap. I get it for $12 for 50 lbs. It might be more expensive at art stores.
I've used white clay before in class. The reason why I like using pottery clays is that I can have any consistency I want and for a cheap price. I can use a super soft clay and then let it dry for a little and then I have a much firmer clay. Plus they're super cheap and reusable =D
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