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Hey all. About a month ago I started my most ambitious project yet: a full T-600 costume with endo parts, tattered clothing, guns, mask, backpack, etc. I've already custom made a rubber mask, but now I'm starting the guns. They consist of a garwood industries m134d (updated version of the dillon minigun) and an m203 grenade launcher. Both weapons are mounted under the arms. I am making these out of pvc pipes and expanded pvc sheets. I've collected as muck possible reference for the entire costume, including the actual prop guns as well as the real m134d. I wanted to post some reference for anyone else that wants to build a minigun.155672.jpg155673.jpg155675.jpg155677.jpg155670.jpg155669.jpg155671.jpgtitanium-delinker2.jpgtitanium-delinker.jpgmotor-final.jpgcolorchute_curl7.jpg4000-gear_head_assembly-small.jpg762mmFeed1.jpg28.jpg3Kgearheadside2.jpg


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Thanks for the pictures of the body, thats going to be a tough part to make. And as for Jaz, I've been following him for a while and I love his work, however he uses metal and I need my prop to be light since its held in one hand.


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Great project. Brings me back to the couple months I spent on my 1:1 t-600 statue.

Cant wait for updates!

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Here's a quick update on the grenade launcher. I'm using expanded pvc for the first time and I love it, I'd definitely recommend everyone try this stuff.DSCN0665.JPG


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The grenade launcher has the same handle and arm brace configuration as the minigin. Its missing from the propstore photos. I also need to add the minigun in the propstore photos is different from the actual screen used miniguns. Those raised ridges towards the front are the dead give away. I believe thats the minigun used for film premiers, not in the film.