Terminator glass case pics needed.


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I have a T-800 arm and a tube for it, but I need to make a base for the tube. I've looked through T2, the extras, and the "Making of" book by Don Shay to get reference pics. I've compared what I have found with the bases that come with other models, and there seems to be quite a difference.

Does anyone have any "behind the scenes" reference pics of the actual screen used base? Has it been shown on display in an exhibition that someone might have a good picture of?

Here are the best pics I have found so far:

Tube Base Pictures

This leads me to the conclusion that the base looks like this:

My Drawing

I'm thinking of making it out of wood by building up layers of disc shapes of varying thicknesses and glueing or screwing them together. I'm not sure which wood to use at the moment, but it needs to be something I can use a small hand-held jigsaw with to cut a circle from. MDF is easy to cut, but the edges wouldn't be any good for painting, I won't be able to make the thickness thinner than the standard MDF thicknesses and putting groves on the edge would be impossible.

Any suggestions would be helpful, as I don't have much experience at doing this type of thing.


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I've found someone to make the base out of wood (a friend who is a good carpenter), but I still don't have an accurate drawing of the base. If anyone missed this last time and has good pics of the base, please let me know.


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From what I can see the drawing is a bit off in certain areas, though, a very descent rendition of the base. The various sections of the base should have more of a pyramid feel as it progresses upwards, if you know what I mean, where each section on top of the other is half the size or 1/3 smaller than the one below.

Unfortunately don't have any better or clearer images of the base, than what you have posted.

Good luck with your project.