Terminator Endoskull sculpt

Ford W Maverick

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So I've seen some really great Terminator half-face busts on here and I've seen some nice endoskulls that were made from kits. I've been wanting an endoskull for some time, but the only kits I seem to be able to find are the cheapo one piece recasts.

Anyhow, I've got a lot of time on my hands and a big block of sculpey clay. I'm considering just sculpting my own with the possibility of using it for a vacuform master to make my own kit.

Has anyone else attempted this? If so, any helpful advice or must-have specifications?
"This board has no forums" :confused (took a look out of curiosity)

You have to join, then you can see the boards/threads. If you have trouble, some of the insiders are here on RPF. I can also message the head honchos on EBC to let them know someone is at the door and wants in.

We (endobuilders.com) are more covert than other boards.
Beagle Bill. However... he seems to have curtailed his involvement. I want to get one his his magnificent kits myself.
I'll have to keep an eye out for Beagle Bill then!

Something I've also been considering is getting a 'bucky' skull on eBay and bondoing it smooth and then carving the T-800 details into it, so I'm curious to see if anyone on there has attempted that.
That makes perfect sense, I'm just so used to not knowing a lot of the internet shorthand that I just jumped to the conclusion that I wasn't gleaning the whole message!
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