Terminator 2 grenades


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Something I worked on the past week. Not many "replicas" available. I mean people can just buy used practice grenades and paint those and then add the stenciling.

I molded a practice grenade, painted them up and then added a stencil. I made the stencils cutting blue tape with a laser cutter. I was a little too close with the spray paint so some of the stencils were thick. I have to work on better casting those, some tiny air bubbles. I used MMD green putty on some of the larger holes. There also seems to be 2 variations on the grenades used. A gold top and casing with silver and yellow stencils. And a Olive Drab bottom (more realistic) casing. I like the look of gold :)

I have slings :)
Can someone check my thinking... on how to best make a multiple part mold?

I was thinking of a mold with 6 grenades, in a 6 pack formation. I was thinking of gluing the base of the grenade to a flat piece of foamcore and also gluing a sprue at the tip of the grenade.

The sprue would be just a plug so i could used compressed air to pop the grenade out.

And I would pour the mold bottom side up or base of grenade up.

I might even attempt degassing with a standard home vacuum.


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