Technique Question Involving Aluminum Blackner


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Apologies if this isn’t a place to post this, but I wasn’t really sure where else it belonged.

I have a question about preserving the finish when you use an aluminum blackening product such as Birchwood Casey or Jax (on aluminum). I’ve had varying degrees of success using these products. The finish can be robust, but often turns out to be fairly fragile, susceptible to scratching/rubbing off. How do you preserve it? Does anyone use a clear coat, spray varnish, or something similar to keep it protected?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Tried wax. That definitely stabilized it. Finish seems better protected now. The Jax definitely oxidized everything a bit, and the wax didn't cover that up completely. Has a nice "rust" patiana to it, but obviously that isn't the correct look for the Mandalorian blaster I am finishing. I'm going to move on to a black oil wax that you can buff/polish to a shine. I think that may push things in the right direction.

I am keen to try DIY anodizing, but with temps staying in the triple digits these days, my garage is uninhabitable for a couple more months.

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