TASM2 Suit: 10 day Speed Build [Pic heavy]


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Greetings interwebs!

So you may or may not remember my old Iron Man Mark42 7day speed build thread (http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=183263&page=3)
But I'm at it again... Procrastination strikes again and now I have 10 days until my deadline and I'm going to try bang out a TASM2 suit!

This is my very first suit and first time puff painting (which im the most worried about) But I have done a lot of research and as ready as I'll ever be.
This is a speed build so it wont be perfect or anything close. I also have so little time that I will prob only update this when I have time.

Ok so let's start!

First step was contacting Orhadar at Gun Head Design for the file for his "amazing" spider-man 2 print. He got back to me extremely fast and bought this TASM2 file. I quickly sent it over to Fabric on Demand and was quoted 10 days to print and 3-5days to ship. Shockingly after they received the file it only took 10days to arrive on my doorstep.
Then I ordered a set of Frames and lenses from Tjack and got them very fast as well.

Now they are in my possession, I can start. Im starting with the faceshell. Im using Gimpee's pep file and got it printed, cut, and glued in a few hours

I will be fiberglass resin-ing the outside then slush around some liquid plastic on the inside, maybe tomw.
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Im waiting for my Tulip Matte Black puff paint to get in, so while I wait I thought that I would make a web back pack to hold my phone and wallet and stuff. So I make a dome out of 1/2" eva foam, sanded the edges and covered it in plastic wrap like what you use for food. Then I made long webs by twisting the same plastic wrap. I like how it looks like strands of webs.



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Wow, the web backpack looks awesome, I had been trying to find out a simple way to do it. Good luck with the rest of the speed build