Tandem Build Iron Man Mark IV AND Iron Maiden/lolita


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Hi Everybody!
we are starting a dual build now in the hopes that we will have an Iron family halloween this year. I am using closed cell foam in the 1/2 inch gym flooring and foamie materials. some mare eboxy surfboard resin and a whole lot of glue sticks. We need to step it up so we can show up my son walking down the street in his War machine suit. I will be posting pics of this build as it develops. We only have under two months but my daughter has come on board as a builder apprentice so hopefully we will prevail. We decided to nix the pink/yellow paint scheme for he suit and will be match the paint to the original mark IV for her fem suit. here is a pic of my son's completed suit.
O.k. First day of build was filled with interruptions but we did manage to dowload Glenn's foam peps and print, cut, stencil onto foam and start the foam exacto cutting. By the way, Little tip on those exacto blades. Ya know how they need to be switched out every couple of cuts to keep them from totally messing up your foam? I have started using one of those little hand held blade sharpeners. the kind thathave the two edges in a "V" shape and I can now get about fifty pieces cut from one blade! it works give it a shot.
That's exactly what I use(the knife sharpener) i've done the whole upper torso on my War Machine(pep) with 6 blades(cut the rough shape with scissors, cut tabs out with sharp blade, then score the fold lines with a dull blade) to foam I use heavy duty leather scissors for the rough cuts then sharp blades for the "score" lines.
Hate to ask this but where is file for these downloads? Are you using pep files?

This is incredible work. Thanks.

Hey Logan I am using GlennTech foam armor files at 4share. He posted the link under foam iron man patterns in the main replica costume page. it's really easy to get. but be very careful if you are using the thicker foam floor mats because some of the pieces will not fit. example; the final ring around the arc port is about an inch to short in circumference AND you need to cut an EXTERIOR angle on the inside edge of the ring that means the ring is wider than the template provided. Some hit or miss but the chest is coming out looking pretty good.
Re: Tandem Build Iron Man Mark IV AND Iron Maiden/

Progress is slower on this build but what is getting done has some potential. I am gonna try to trace out a corset top onto some foam and fabricate a feminine chest plate for my daughter. the idea is to integrate the same templates from the Mark 4 chest but in foamies so they are more slender and dainty. pics of THAT build should be ready in a few days. Plse give feedback on the female armor idea. we are flying blind on that one and could use some suggestions. She really wants it to look great. My responsibility as her dad is to give her something that will look hot but not TOO hot if you know what I mean!
Re: Tandem Build Iron Man Mark IV AND Iron Maiden/

There's a rar floating around of some files Eirth made for a female suit. I'll see if I can find the link. Although it's a bit chesty...

EDIT: here's a screencap.

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HI Folks,
I am posting pics of My chest and backplate AND the first one-off of the female chest armor. The female plate was made from exact same parts of the male suit then held over the range to soften and dunked in the tub to freeze the curves. more to come and Thankyou JoWe for the files and for you going to the trouble of a double download posting for me. The strange thing is when done, her chest plate will resemble that file a bit just toned down some.
awesome work!!! what scale did you use for the mIV torso? it looks awesome...have any tips to share on assembling it???
Looks great Zach!! I also have A daughter and I understand what you mean. Mine's 6 and time is just rushing by.
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Tips for Assembly? Yeah, Hot glue is HOT!!!! Hot Glue Gun tips are even hotter, Xacto blades will dull in 3 seconds cutting through foam and yet still amputate your arm if you are not careful, and you had better have either a geek wife or a non-geek wife with all of her "You are taking time from me" issues dealt with. Once you master those things then...... :confused

All kidding aside, those things are very important. Just take your time in cutting out each and every single paper template you are using then take even more time on your foam cuts. It is so easy to become sloppy when you are 8 hrs into a piece and it just isn't working, but It Will Work! don't rush your hot glue seams, they will take a looong time to set up. Most importantly find anyone in your life who would love and care for an awesome suit and make them one! It is great motivation and you get learning experience coupled with the involvement and appreciation of a good freind.
All this seems t6o help me, Forgive me if I didn't give you the info you wanted but That stuff I just wrote really is the most important. After that It's just time and beer!
These are some comparison shots of the suit and the Hot Toys Mark IV. I am integrating some of the details on the toy just cause I like the look.
Test fitting. I am ashamed to admit that I am a grown man who just had my 13 yr old girl HOT GLUE me into my suit to test the fit. I posted pics so that you can laugh along with me!. As far as the test fitting, It fits like a glove! If I gain so much as five pounds this thing will not be able to be locked down. So.... I will make sure to only add size to my chest and arms for now. I could take the easy path and just add a few inches to the suit but where is the fun in that?
Here is today's progress. I got both shoulders and the biceps done in the last two days. The shoulders were cake but the biceps took over 12 hours total! Oh well It's fun trying to use half-inch foam rubber with pep files originally intended for paper.​
Here is today's progress. I got both shoulders and the biceps done in the last two days. The shoulders were cake but the biceps took over 12 hours total! Oh well It's fun trying to use half-inch foam rubber with pep files originally intended for paper.​

I love to see you're using the templates very well, it turned out great ! :p
I hope you can remove those little gaps between the pieces or else it would look a bit odd :p
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