T800 Endoskeleton done in Alclad now and set up.


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I tested several silver and chromes , Alclad definitely seemed the better route. Finally got this thing done. What a ^*%#% they are. Making a small repair to the back right leg piston. That’s why it’s not on .


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The endo looks cool...I also use Alclad II for chrome.What is the source of this endokit?
Thanks ! It’s an international kit lol. Honestly. The head came from Asia. The chest, upper arms, and thighs came from the United Kingdom. The forearm and hands came from Spain and the hips came from the Netherlands.
The skull is a Gmasking copy of a sideshow. I had to take the teeth and eyes out and recess at the eyes and put in new teeth. The rest of it was perfect. But they screwed the teeth and eyes up.

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