T1 and T2 Endoskeleton Research Thread

I could have used all those reference shots 14 years ago when I sculpted this...lol


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Yeah, it is interesting how slim the Sideshow really is in comparison. I tried scanning my Sideshow T-700... and compared to my foam skull scan... it was insanely slim and undersized.
While I'm working on things I thought I might as well slowly go through and making multi-view orthographic images of the scans.

(My kit only came with this 1 style, but it may just be how the LFS kit was decided to be made and the original may have had two separate sculpts... or, like the LFS kit... only one basic sculpt and then the way the toes were attached made them different.) On the T1 the main horisontal piece wasn't solid. It appears to be a cutout that was bent in on itself, so has a gap between the top and the bottom. It seems it was filled in on the T2 ones making that piece solid.


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Just one more for today.

From what I've found there is only 1 sculpt for both shin pieces. The ones from my kit has the front top edge sanded, so please be aware of this when using this as reference. It is missing details in that area - the depression above the cross depression. With ghostman's permission I can do a similar reference image of his photogrammetry created 3D model as it has that area intact, or he could do it himself if he wanted.

Also be mindful that it may be difficult to determine if the warp seen in these parts are on the original production made pieces for the movies or happened later when things were molded and cast for various things, such as the LFS kits.

Leg - Lower

Cool. Thanks for posting those. The first endoskeleton in T2 is said to have T1 legs, so that could just be a T1 style foot. They definitely put something in between the two plates on the T2 one. But nevertheless... look how broken that foot looks. Looks like they broke it in the first take.

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