T1 and T2 Endoskeleton Research Thread

I also took a break because I switched to another project preparing a game for re-release on Steam (an old RTS - Perimeter Geometry War).
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Ok Cool Thats Great , I already knew you could do something like that, I'm excited to see what comes next :cool:
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Well, I wasn't satisfied with how the upper teeth looked, so I rescanned the bottom part of the upper skull again, this time without teeth, then rescanned the teeth separately. Long story short I managed to get the new teeth to sit right and saved a new toothless version, one with teeth, and the teeth separately in case we need it.

Lazy attempt to create a high-quality silicone mold for copying a not-so-high-quality master model. Modeled and printed a casing on an FDM 3D printer. If everything works out, I'll make copies and try coating them with copper, and then nickel.
Love those molds:love::love:. Eager to see the results of course:cool::cool:(y)(y)

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