T-Virus Vials Completed


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Hi everyone,

I am proud to say that I have finally finished building my own T-Virus and Anti-Virus vials from Resident Evil (2002).

I got the end caps CNCed, I bought the acrylic from United States Plastic and my friend 3d printed a coiling guide that I was able to wrap the tubes around while softening them with a heat gun.

As I live in Australia and I had to import the plastic which cost me hundres of dollars even after using a shipping forwarding company, it cost me a lot to make these but they are basically flawless and the CNCing work done to make the endcaps is just superb.

I wish to make more of these to sell in the future, but at the moment I need to figure out how to get materials at a much lower price. I am hoping that having more end caps made more frequently will drive down the cost. I can possibly get USP to cut the tubing into lengths that make the package smaller and thus lest costly to send.

I will happily take more photos if requested. These vials are weighty, are liquid filled and have solid end caps.




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