resident evil

  1. M

    Resident Evil Village Ethan Winters (No Spoilers)

    Hey everyone! With the release of RE8 I was in the mood to put together Ethan's outfit from the newest game. I've been able to find a lot of very similar items to the one's scanned and used in game, however I want to attempt find the "screen accurate" jacket they used for the game. I would...
  2. RyanDVJ

    Resident Evil Ammo Box

    After a few years im finally back in the RPF and back to making props, and I wanna start again doing something simple: The 9mm ammo box from RE 2 and 3. The original from Tony's Ammo. I wanna make the most accurate one but its so difficult to find a good reference... The biggest problem is...
  3. DaBuild

    T-Virus Canister Resident Evil

    Hello! Here's my prop replica of the T-Virus canister from Resident Evil. (Yep, it was mostly an excuse to use my lathe, I know...) Enjoy!
  4. T

    T-Virus Vials Completed

    Hi everyone, I am proud to say that I have finally finished building my own T-Virus and Anti-Virus vials from Resident Evil (2002). I got the end caps CNCed, I bought the acrylic from United States Plastic and my friend 3d printed a coiling guide that I was able to wrap the tubes around while...
  5. T

    How To Make: Resident Evil T-Virus Vial Carry Case (from Movie)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of making 1:1 film accurate replicas of the T-Virus vials, but I would like as my next project to create the carry case as seen in the video below, and the attached images: Reference video, watch from 2:13 up until 2:29 The main things I...
  6. jarodhiggins

    Albert 01R Pistol - Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard 7

    im having to retype this whole post because i didn't understand i couldn't add tags and it all got deleted. so this one got chopped down a bit and most likely for the better. not going to be many pictures because i dont have a camera and my phone camera is crap so i probably wont upload a pic...
  7. The Kitbasher

    HUNK Resident Evil, cosplay costume and props.

    Hey guys! I want to share with you some pics of my costume and prop work, this time from my entry in a cosplay event here in Peru. the mp5 smp is an airsoft replica, the case and virus tube are custom made props, the tactical vest is customized from an operator vest.
  8. T

    Resident Evil Retribution: umbrella troopers grenade

    Hello, recently there was a big prop & costumes auction of the latest Resident Evil movies so I decided to expand my game prop collection by adding some elements from the movie. The grenade prop from the fifth movie caught my attention as it has a nice futurist design and offers the chance to...
  9. whitly

    The statue of Nemesis 2m 15sm

    Good day, everybody.Some time ago I was asked to make a full-length (2m 15sm) statue based on the figurine of Nemesis - big guy from Resident Evil video game.Image of this figurine which was released by `Hollywood Collectibles group` this people found in internet.The statue was to be maximum...
  10. JJByers

    Beretta 92FS Custom SAMURAI EDGE 9MM from Resident Evil Series

    Now that I'm older I don't really get to play video games that much anymore. But some series just stay with you I think we could agree? For myself its the Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil (First 3 PSOne titles) franchises. However, everyone once in awhile I get to pick one of these up and...
  11. Amancue

    My New gun for my Umbrella Corp. Loadout

    My new Rifle in progress,.. still needs some more detailing before I hit it w/ Epsilon but so far so good. once all the detailing, is done then I tap in the T-nuts to mount the rails. and add the holes for the barrel and tac light Further Adventures of my Rifle in progress, just need to wait...
  12. P

    Repairing a T-Virus replica

    Hi all, First time poster here. I'm looking for some help with a replica Resident Evil T-Virus prop I purchased on eBay several years ago. When I bought it the 'virus' inside was partly evaporated, and as time has gone on it has now almost completely vanished. So my question is: does...
  13. KittyPurry27

    KittyPurry27's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    This will be my second year entering the RPF Halloween Contest. I’m still fairly new to costuming/cosplay and I learn more with each new project I do. I would be nowhere without the information and knowledge I garner from the experienced cosplayers on the RPF and of course the advice and...
  14. R

    Resident Evil Chris Redfield costume. Help needed.

    There's a Halloween costume contest at work this year and I've decided to update one of my old costumes and as the title suggests it's Chris Redfield from Resident Evil. I've just run into a problem with regards to the back print on the vest in these reference pictures. Does anyone know an...
  15. W

    Various Costume Advice

    We are creating a web series that spans many different fictional worlds and are looking to create, buy, trade costumes and would love to hear some tips and tricks from people who have already worked on costumes for these characters. Here is a list of characters we are working on. Mushroom...
  16. Yamin0

    Claire Redfield

    Character: Claire Redfield Game: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Status: 100% finished | Debuted: ACen 2011 My first costume I completed on my own, very simple, but still fun. The vest was purchased and I hand painted the flat red color to it and added the emblem by hand too. The...
  17. A

    Resident Evil display bust - licker creature

    Here is my next replica piece i am working on, I am going to try to nail the anatomy on him as well as the mood. I started sculpting this week, right now i am 5 hrs in. Let me know what you think so far. Thanks for looking. Brian