T-Rex sculpt for puppet WIP


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My youngest son wants a T-Rex puppet for his Halloween costume ( a box with a T-Rex inside carried by a false arm).

The plan is to cast a silicone skin, then make a puppeting structure underneath with EVA foam, resin and maybe fiberglass.

I'm still at the rough blocking stage.


25 pounds of Monster Clay so far... and I've run out. Must pick up more on Friday. I didn't mean for it to be so big! I guess T-Rex's are big.


I've never cast a silicone skin, so I'm extremely nervous -but I've always wanted to try it. I'm excited to see what disasters are ahead.



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Thanks fr the kind words sharahack and hammondsculpt!

I got 5 more pound of Monster clay and have done a bit more refining of the shape.

The teeth and inside or the mouth will be a separate sculpt if I succeed in getting the skin to cast.

Today I started to make some tools out off brass tubing for pressing in scales.


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Really coming together :thumbsup I know the feeling! Embrace the hard yards...throw on a podcast or some good music and go to your happy place ;)


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Thanks, kev1969, shareahack and tarnyloo73!

Luke (who this puppet if for) helped me today in adding some more scales. He did a really good job! ... but still a long way to go.

shareahack -you are right... just have to zone out and scale whenever possible. adding scales must be easier than all the sanding you are in for on your project!



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Any update on this great project?
Thanks for asking... SLOW progress sort of. I am adding detail, but it is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. I have a couple of more weeks before I need to cast it if I am going to make Halloween.

DSC03386 (1).JPGDSC03388 (1).JPGDSC03389 (1).JPG

The head is almost covered. I didn't have a strong idea of how I wanted him to look, so I am finding it as I go. He's bumpier looking than I intended, but I like the way light and shadow play with that, so I embraced it.

My oldest son recently saw the sculpt and said it looked like the dino was going through puberty (pimpled). I guess that just makes TRex even scarier!

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This is awesome! Beautiful work on the sculpture so far. I’ve always wanted to tackle a Dino, this one is really hitting that button for me!
I wouldn’t worry too much about the bumpiness, that will get knocked back a little when it’s in silicone. If you are worried, you may already know this trick, a hand held butane torch flame just lightly kissing the surface will slightly round out and soften the forms.

Can’t wait to see this finished!


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Jurassic World 2 comes out on blu ray today... so here is some more very slow progress working on detail down the neck. I'm also working on Velociraptor crate (from the opening of the first film) inspired box for the puppet to be in. This may be Halloween 2019.

DSC03391 (1).JPGDSC03392 (1).JPG