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This little post is aimed towards my fellow swedes, but i'm keeping it in english as i do think neighbors might be able to help aswell.

I'm looking for the translated product for Perma-Wet and Pros-Aide, i've asked for the products in stores, trying to explain it to the employees, but no success, and this just makes me realise what kind of a neanderthal community i live in
I've been mailing MonsterMakers.com and they say that their European order manager is sick and that they are way way behind on oversea orders.
And i'd really like to find these products shortly.

Perma-Wet is a protective urethane which bonds to the latex mask, stretches and flexes with the mask, and gives the mask a very high gloss and waterproofness.

Pros-Aide is a waterbased adhesive, it basically makes paint stick to skin(or in this case, Latex), better, with high bond strenght.

Don't hesitate to reply

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I don't get how prices on Pros-Aide can vary so much.
450ml (16:ish oz) for $90. FormFX
450ml (16:ish oz) for $30. MonsterMakers
100ml (3.4:ish oz) for $28. Random Swedish store i found (wtf?!)

And ofcourse the place wich is cheapest by far, is located in America and has problems with oversea shipping at the moment, pfff!
This can't be! :mad:
Have you tried Mouldlife for Pros aide? I've been using their version called Aquafix, a 500g bottle costs about $24. I don't know about shipping to Sweden though
I got the tip from Lee/Usurper ones to use LIQUITEX GLOSS medium and varnish and mix with water, and that can be bought:

Dont ask me how to use it though, have not tried. But I think Lee (or someone else with experience) can explain further.
Yeah i use that also, and actually prefer it in someways, imo it seems to be tougher than permawet, and also has UV protection qulities built in, which can only be good for the life span.

I will NOT be buying permawet again after i use what i have, i will be stickin with Liquitex.

oh and i use it through a old airbrush. :cool:
Cool, thanks for helping out guys and girls.
Feel free to explain how to use Liquitex properly on latex if you know how and got time for it
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