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cayman shen

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I know there was a topic started on this, but darned if I could find it.

I live about an hour north of Boston, so I finally went to see the SW exhibit. Wow. Not as many props as at the Smithsonian, but some stellar new ones (including, obviously, the PT) and generally much more accessably displayed.

Last day's 4/30. If you live near there, you should see it.

The full sized landspeeder was mind blowing. I wanted to touch it, damn the sign that says "do not touch." All I could think was "Alec Guiness SAT there."

The full sized N1...what can I say? It's one of my favorite ships, hanging there, big as life...wow.

A couple things I noticed this time, with a more critical eye than I had at the MOM exhibit. The SD they had displayed had really amazing panel lines. I looked closely and saw they were drawn with a mechanical pencil. I also noticed that the collar of the ROTS reveal helmet uses a ton of spikes like on Boussh's gloves. Who knew? Is the original like that? And the Tantive IV is WAAAAY slimmer, sleeker than the digital version in ROTS. Where did that fat-bottomed ship come from?

Sebulba's podracer is stunning. The art of model making is not dying. Though far fewer models were used in the prequels, ships like this show the art is alive and well. It was breathtaking (and I hate Sebulba). The AAT was HUGE, and the detailing was gorgeous. The AT-TE model was also amazing. It gave me a new appreciation of that ship. And finally, droidekas are much bigger than I imagined.

Costumes: Mace's boots are mostly fabric. Again, who knew? The female tusken raider is really fascinating up close. I wasn't a fan of the design, but now, it feels right, almost native American in a way, like it comes from a real culture...Tarfull's detailing is a coper patina, subtle, beautiful. And he's officially the baddest looking wookiee out there.

There were a few errors: Boba Fett's blaster labeled ESB, an ROTJ E-11 labeled EP4-6, nitpicky stuff like that. Not as many lightsabers or blasters as I would have liked, but a nice mix of stuff and a great time. Maybe I'll post pics if I can figure out a site like photobucket.