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Studio Scale TIE Fighter 38 x 43 x 36 cm









Hi guys, This is Steve Neisen's messenger

Steve said:

Please post a reply for me on the board as for some reason I
cannot. post the below for me:

Hi all!! Sorry for the delay or slow email return Uncle
Sam has had me real busy with OEF (operation Enduring
Freedoom) and all. Please have folks email me @ for the directions I currently have
will be documenting wing construction this weekend then
adding text early next week. I am again sorry if I have
not answered the board but have not had time to do so.
Please shoot me a email and I will do my best to meet
your needs. Frank.. sorry bro.. pulled all full wing
essemblys and got tied (no pun intended) up. Saturday
is the wing making marathon!! Hope all are well Email
if you have question desires or just want to plainly
shoo the Shheeeaaat.. Talk soon

Well, imagine my shock! Yesterday i was at a hospital to visit (all is OK btw) and I was amazed to find....
That louver detail stuff that is used on the TIE solar panels? EVERY window on the first floor of the hospital had them on it.
Well the silence got broken. Steve emailed me stating he was getting 5 kits together for shipping this week. I got this email like last thursday.
Seeing how my skills are no where good enough to compete with most of you guys at least I can do is point at cool pics of things other people can make
I have a tough enough time putting together a "modified" kit and painting it repectably ;-) I'm getting better though... Someday (hopefully)

Jedi Dade
Just a bump for Steve: Anyone seen him? Hopefully he's not on the way to the Middle East!

Anyhow, I was wondering if anybody got the second part of the instructions -- solar panels. If they did, please post 'em!

Yeah I live near the place where they make coolshade. I've had more than one person ask me if they were still around and I keep forgetting to go by there with a wing and get anestimate.

Sorry guys.

Perhaps I just need some one to keep buggin me until I go. Working full time and going to school full time I forget a lot.

I've identifyed several parts, and still need to find several of the wing details. If there are people truly willing to help in the search I could be persuaded to tell what I know.
New Wing instructions are ready!!! Email me and I'll send them to ya!!

Ragacin email sent reference the solar screen..

For those that want to know.. Its called "COOLSHADE" the company is called RD Sunshine. Mike is who you need to talk with $100-150 gets enough screen for one complete TIE. Remember before you order the screen used on the tie is cut for different angles. Not straight up and down so measure accrdingly.

Heres the info:

RD Sunshine Company, 611 Magic Mile Road # 201 Arlignton, TX 76011 tel: 817-459-3337 fax: 817-459-3008

Hope that helps. I also have instructions for completing the HERO version with real screen!

I'm back for the time being dont know when I may have to leave again. Hope all is well with every one.

I'll post pics of the finished kit again.. so folks can see what it builds into!


Hi Steve, welcome back! Thanks for posting the update.

Anyone here want to see if we can't get a group buy on the screen material? $100-$150 is OK with me, but if we can get the price down, that would be GREAT! (Hint, Hint, Boba Flint!)


Gonna chime in with my few cents worth on rhe KOOLSHADE screen. Ive constructed two of the HERO Ties and 4' x 6' is almost enough to do two complete TIES! As a minimum bare any mistakes in cutting you can make ONE HERO TIE FIGHTER using 1.8' x 4.6' of KoolShade Material see pics (the screen is smaller than the size given). I have the patterns for the hero wings. Remember to add 1/8" to 1/4" to the pattern as it is hidden by the wing struts and Plastruct H beam.

You will need 8 of the top piece and 16 of the other. 2'x 6' is a safe if you make alot of mistakes but if you want the amount with no left over 1.8' x 4.6' is enough. It easily cuts with scissors so as long as you make the pattern and work one piece at a time you'll be fine. Get with Mark to see what that size would cost. May safe $30 to $50 bones. Thats enough to buy a much needed parts kit or take your lady out to dinner for putting up with this maddness!



Hey all,

The Definitive TIE Kit update. Some of the last parts are not willing to give them selfs up but I'm not goning to quit! Ive got the best in the buisness searchin so hang in there!!!

I have taken all the suggestions from fellow board members to improve upon the Kit.

From looking at the masters now.. they are Lightspeed ahead of the old kit version.

More to report soon!

I'm curious about the cool shade. It seems pretty expensive for the material and it seems from reading the forum that quite a few people have been left hanging after ordering it. Is the supplier reliable?
I just scrutinized the pics in the chronicles book show the ties under going what looks like prepping for pyro techniques there are rings of a putty like substance on the outer wing panels is this correct or am I an idiot

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