Studio Scale Serenity

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From the Universal archives:


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that is soooooooo cool. and HUGE!! I started looking at all the detail greeblies and.......oh crap those are bodies!! :eek

Lee S

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The engine/wing and legs were interchangable and multiples were made. Should be easy to put back 'normal' if they have the spares. Also it was never built clean, always as the Reaver version.

Usagi Pilgrim

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I still wonder why they didn't paint the logo on there, seems like an obvious detail to miss.

If I'm not mistaken, the Reaver version that crashed at Mr. Universe's place, was the only physical model ever built. that version had all the markings obscured to hide itself when escaping Miranda. That's why Inara was repainting it at the end of SERENITY,


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It's the only physical model they built, but all previous shots with the CG version of the Reaverized ship had the logo still on there
There was no reason to remove the logo anyway, not like the Reavers would care, and the Operative already knows who they are.

The logo is also missing from the shot where they dock on Beaumonde, though that's probably because that shot was done by a different FX studio that specializes in matte paintings.
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