Studio Scale Falcon and Y Wing from MR


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It doesn't say it in that link, but one of the forums has posted a photo of the 2006 product catalog teaser from MR and it shows a photo of the Y-Wing and Falcon as well as the headpiece to the staff or Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark.



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Here is the picture.



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I could be mistaken, but the piece below and to the right of the "R" in MR looks like the MIB J2 pistol from the first movie. Oh man, that would be freakin sweet. :)



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Originally posted by masterjedi322@Jul 17 2005, 04:48 AM
I could be mistaken, but the piece below and to the right of the "R" in MR looks like the MIB J2 pistol from the first movie. Oh man, that would be freakin sweet. :)


Well, I think to the left of the "M" there is a Phaser and under that "M" I think it is a Pred Mask. But I could be wrong.

Were there any news about the Indy line?


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Originally posted by bobbyfett@Jul 17 2005, 01:10 AM
Is this what happened to that SS Y-wing kit that was in the works a while back and then just disappeared?

Yes it is. It was a major dissapointment to be told this wasn't going to be a kit anymore. I really don't care to pay the money for a finnished product when I could have had a kit version. At least we know the product will be nice.

Oh well.


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Dear God. A studio scale Falcon? That will have to cost more than the AT AT, probably at least twice the amount. It's the only Studio Scale model I would buy since the rest are easier to build from the various resin kits out.



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I spoke with someone at the MR booth at the con and they are doing a 32 inch Falcon. I asked for a ball park price. They are going to try hard to get Harrison Ford to sign it. If he does the guy thought the signature edition would run about $2800-$3000. If they can't get him to do do the signing he thought it would go for around $2000-$2200. Personally I could'nt care less about the signature, especially if it costs me $600-$800 extra.
Anyway, is it just me or does that seem like a reasonable price for a 32 inch Falcon. Considering they are selling the AT-AT for $1200-$1400 (depending on edition). The Falcon is more complicated by far. I not saying that its cheap by any means but it is not as bad as I had expected. Of course the guy was estimating the price so that could change drastically.




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Hi there

From the MR Blog

"While we're very pleased to be announcing the next ship in line for our Studio Scale series, the Millenium Falcon, some websites have reported that this will be a "Signature Edition" model. While we'd love for this to be true, at the current time, there are no such plans - but stay tuned to the blog for more information as it becomes available."

Well, if it was signed by HF I would have thought about buying that one but without the signature... but stop, 32"... I think I do not have the room for such a piece.



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From what I've heard in the forums and from what SDCC people have said, they are probably trying to get HF to sign some. So I'm sure from an official standpoint they can't say they ARE getting a sig edition, but think about it - this would be the crown jewel of SS models... I bet we'll see a sig edition. That would rock. Ford doesn't usually sign anything, right?

And considering the amount of money it takes to get stuff made, I think a $2,000 to $2,500 price point would be realistic. I wish it was only $50 though ;)

They can't really do a "V.2", so I assume the number of the edition would be around the same as the AT-AT, or maybe 500 more, and then that's it. And it is the full 32" studio scale size - it's been touched on before, and everyone knows that the Falcon is the holy grail - you CAN'T make it smaller...

I'm really looking forward to the paint job... it's HUGE and complex :-D

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Dude, there is a klingon battle cruiser (tos) in that upper right pic.

Damn you MR. Don't make studio scale trek ships.... I'm already hurting from thoughts of that Falcon...

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