studio scale batmobile

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hey everyone im new here and would love some info on the studio scale 89 batmobile, does anyone here have pics of theirs being built or completed? ide love to see how they have turned out. also where can i get one myself? ide love to own one if anyone can point me in the right direction. thanks guys. josh
I doubt this is studio scale but its an R/C Keaton batmobile. $99

batmobile large copy.jpg
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ive seen that one before. its nice but too small for studio scale. im sure someone here has some real information on a studio scale batmobile.
its not studio scale, the studio scale cant fit a 14 inch doll in it. i saw a studio scale one a few years ago and its good size but not the size of a picnic table
The studio scale 'effects model' is 27" long. The $2000.00 one coming out soon is this scale. I got lucky and have a casting & some molds...
thats what i want, some castings of the one toynami is making. there is a thread here ss batmobile. its resin and hollow. i want to find a copy of the castings and make my own.
This thread´s locked because all sales talk has to happen in the Junkyard.

In addition, asking for a recast of a commercially available model that is still in production is a no-go.

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