Studio Scale Airwolf


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I just picked up this baby. It is a larry jolly kit. Larry is the guy who built and flew the miniature on the TV show. This sucker is about 4 feet long, 5 with the rotors.


Beagle Bill

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Man, That is awesome. :thumbsup That was one of my favorite shows. Are you going to build it R/C or finish it as a static kit? Anyway I could get one of these babies short of selling a kidney? I must have built a half a dozen of the old amt kits when I was a kid. :D



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I saw your post over at the other day.

For a second I thought Larry might be producing kits, but I guess that's not the case? :(

someone else wrote:
.....of this rare Studio Airwolf as he does the Build. There can not be
many left the world as complete and untouched as this kit was.

Shucks. I'd get one in a heartbeat if they were available. :unsure



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No I don't believe he makes these anymore. This kit was made in 1984, it is still in it's original shipping box from then and there is an original note in the box dated 1984. I picked this up from a collector who has had it sitting in his basement for years.
I plan on making it a display piece only, no R/C... I could not bear putting all this work into it only to crash it .
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