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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by DangeRuss66, Apr 8, 2003.

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    Hi-- I've got a Shuttle Tyderium kit that I'm going to put together soon and I was hoping to light it. I'll probably use a flourescent tube for the engine, but I'd like to put the strobe lights on the wing-tips too.

    I was wondering where to find some lights to use and if anybody could suggest a source? I'm hoping (if it's possible and available) to get the true "strobe" effect, and not just a 'dull blinking' light.

    Any suggestions?



    So, How did I miss Rich's thread on HIS Shuttle Tyderium earlier? Good info there Rich (and everyone else too!). I haven't even opened my kit yet to see what kind of room there is going to be for lighting. From reading Rich's thread, it doesn't sound like there will be a lot of room.

    I never paid too much attention before-- after seeing ROTJ, I just assumed the shuttle at the strobe lights on both the leading and trailing edges of the wings? Is that not the case?
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    I saw some 12 volt strobes at Target in the automotive section last month.
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    I don't know how well this would work, but what about a sealed Xenon strobe inside the body of the model and fiberoptics leading to the wingtips?

    Though, IIRC those strobes blink every couple seconds- you'd end up changing the bulb eventually.
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    I've been poking around with the idea of using 3mm super-bright white LEDs, and some form of timing circuit to get the right 'strobe' frequency.

    And the sequence of caps I've taken of the shuttle appearances show the apparent wingtip strobes appearing on either the leading corner OR the trailing corner, totally dependent on the film shot. Really appears to have been added in post-production, and erratically placed dependending only on what looked good for the camera angle.
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    Try a TRAIN Store.
    They sell cool stuff like that in Kits.
    they sell elexctronics.

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    Tamiya has put out several sets in the past that would work....

    Strobe light set #75005
    and #75006

    Flasher light set #75001

    The only drawback to these now are tat they have been discontinued. However you should still be able to find them out on the market all over the place since they were in production for so long.

    Also you could check with Hyperdyne to see if he has a set that would work.

    on top of these there are also seveal RC parts mfg's that produce lighting kits for various projects... I've used RAM kits before and they work nicely.

    Good hunting...
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