Steve Harrington's costumes Stranger Things


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has anyone seen any of the modern members only jackets in light grey with the black rings and grey zipper in medium for sale ? ( i'm finding it really hard to find one ) , i'd appreciate any help , thanks


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This is a Style Auto vintage jacket. It’s a brand from the 80’s which made racing style jackets (Another jacket from the same brand was used for the “Cobra Kai” jackets in Karate Kid and Karate Kid II. You can find some on eBay. I managed to get one very similar to Steve’s for 20€. I showed mine in the pics, and yes as you can see he’s wearing it in the Season 4 new teaser too.
Do you know where else I could find that style auto jacket? I’ve looked on ebay but haven’t been able to find any in the gray color that Steve has.


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It’s definitely a newer model but if you want a screen accurate jacket I wouldn’t go to the members only website, I would use Poshmark or Depop to find it. Here’s my jacket and I’m almost confident it’s screen accurate. Found it on Poshmark last year for around $20. (Lighting isn’t good but it is the light grey color.)
I found this jacket does it look accurate ? Vintage Members Only Jacket please lemme know thanks

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