Stark's Bar


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I recently moved into a new place. As it turned out, it has an area that could be used as a bar. Not sure what else it was there for really.

But considering that I thought it would make for a cool bar and considering that I have a bunch of Ironman stuff, I decided to turn it into "Stark's Bar" or something like that name wise, still working on the details.

This was how it started:


The first thing I wanted to do is update the light to something more contemporary and I also had this great print from a run here that had to be the center piece:


Then I found some of the items that needed to be framed, courtesy of Jedifyfe:



You can get your own covers here:

Much much more to follow. I plan to paint a couple of the walls an arc reactor blue, there will be another wall of photos and what not, shelves for booze and props.... probably a sign of some sort.

And I need to find someone who can design a logo for custom acrylic coasters...

Other suggestions?
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