Stargate Atlantis Colors and patterns


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I am starting out trying to make some atlantis props, but the colors are hard to nail down. Does anyone have the Blue or the Brown (like the on the doors) ? I am also trying to figure out how to get there Steel with a hint of blue, Plus I still have to weather it! So I was thinking for the steel that I could pain it blue, then Silver over that..and sand it down in places so the blue layer is starting to show. Then Using the black oil pain with mineral spirits was technique for weathering.

I would also love to get the geometric patterns that layered over things things like the panels on the sides of the jumpers. One think in my favor is that I have the Ancient Letters If I can gain access to a cnc I can etch those, or even have them cut out. The letters made the staircase in the gate room look really good I thought!
Here is a scrubber panel from the Destiny from SGU. The panel is an original screen used piece that was missing the outer frame, so I had to make one. The colour I used was Pewter Acrylic that is a perfect match for the silver Blue shade.
Here is a replica of the Atlantis dog bone wall light I made. For the red I used a red oxide primer, I can't remember the make but it wasn't an automotive primer and was a bit browner than the normal red oxide. The Brown effect was added by using a Bronze paint stippled on with a worn out brush.

Ok, 2 things

On the first did you use a spray pewter acrylic and then washed it with black to achieve that match?

And on the second one, Man In another post I actually posted the original set piece to that! Are you Perfectly happy with the Reddish color you used? I have the complete Diamond select set with both gates, and I was going to try and match the brown off the base of the lantian gate. (Actually I have a set for display and A COMPLETE set still NIB. If you did a build post could I have the link?It looks like you used a 3/4 mdf first layer, and then built up a couple layers with 1/2"? Did you have a shop cut the crystals for that? And did you come across the dimensions, or are you just REALLY good at making what you see real? Good Job Sir....Nay GREAT!

I am eventually going to do a whole house in SGA / SGU. But those crystals in this piece would work perfect to add to the sides of the curio cabinet I am currently "Stargating" :) I mean I would even pay you for the specs on those cyrstals. Are they 1/2 plexi?

Oh and this was the light I was trying to replicate...But yours honestly looks better IMHO!
Hi, yes the Pewter was sprayed on then a black wash then splashed with more black wash.
Here is the WIP link for the dogbone
I have built lots of Stargate props and more that have been started, have a look through my threads. I can't post a pic of the drawings of the crystals as photobucket wont let me as it's a TIF file but PM me your email and I'll send it to you:)
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