Star Wars Hologram

Those fan "3D hologram" effects are really cool. I've seen bigger ones with 4 blades, but they cost a lot more.
I haven't yet needed this for any project, but would love to use this for something in the future.

So basically, these holograms are made with a type of fan blade. Flying cars (and drones) use fan blades. So someone will figure out how to teleport things, like in Star Trek, and it will somehow involve some kind of fan blade.....right?
That looks great. Doing the console in a Blade Runner style would be even more fitting. That spinning hologram machine is very much in that universe.
That is perfect they way it is. Thanks very much. I haven’t been up to stitching the clips together as I’ve been down sick the last few days too.

Thanks again, that is going to be great!
This is really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

I have a holo case from Mano season 3 to build at some point, it’s just the empty case I have at the moment, but I’d love to incorporate something like this in to it I’d been considering something like a pepper’s ghost but decided it would take up too much room.
TerranCmdr What was your workflow for creating that? I've been trying to learn something like that to help bigkidbiggertoys too.
I imported an STL I got from Thingiverse into Keyshot, applied a wireframe material, then did a simple orbit animation and rendered it out as an .mp4. Pretty sure you can do something similar with Blender.
Wow, I have one of these in my classroom on the back wall currently running NASA style animations. I had never thought of using one in this way, it is such a brilliant idea. I'm definitely going to have a go at this in the future! Thanks for sharing.
That is so cool! I want to do something like this, are the ship files available?

I have seen these spinning displays advertised, but never thought they would look that good. Very cool display.

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