Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Lifesize 1:1 Bust That I Painted Up


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This is my Emperor Palpatine bust that I painted up.
I never used my air brush and only used dry brush and washes to get the skin color.
I painted the sith eyes rather than buying tech optics prop eyes which I normally do.
The hood is just temporary until I can find some proper waffle material.
The Ian Mcdiarmid likeness is perfect in my personal opinion.

emperor paint up monteburns.jpg
That turned out great. I love the pale look and the calm expression. Most bust I've seen look more grey in the skintone - yours look perfect. :)

I added a lot of washes to reds, pinks and purples to make it look similar to screen caps I had as reference.
Every wrinkle , fold and scar was highlighted to make them stand out.

This like was the Maul paint up was another one that was way more work to paint than I initially thought.

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