Star Trek Into Darkness (Pre-release)

It's like we can't get enough of it so it's micro size and thrown everywhere.
JJ says, 'yeah, that's great! People will love it!' Quote, unquote.

I'd don't really even like the new Trek insignia anyway.
I don't mind the insignia, if there was room in my display I would have put the JJ badges in there as well. On the fabric it's a little much but it's almost unnoticable in 90% of the shots.
After I finish this in fiberglass and then paint a custom hammered finish, i'm going to wear it to the premier :)


Thats if they will let me in...

You know it all makes sense now. A marriage between a Klingon and Vader...that's what the JJ Klingon helmet looks like to me.
I would love to see a "Balance Of Terror" type of Trek film, not so much Kirk getting demoted, then getting his command back. I guess we will have to wait until the next director comes along for a decent five year mission?
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