Star Destroyer Blueprints - side/bottom views?


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Hello everyone.
I've seen that a lot of users are building or have built a Star Destroyer.
Some time ago I did heavy mods to an AMT Star Destroyer kit to make it look like the TESB Stardestroyer:
I am now planing to build it a few times larger...
The details are not my problem right now - accurate plans, drawings, renderings, etc. of the star destroyer's shape are now needed to get it all started.
Who can help?


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Originally posted by DARKSIDE72@May 10 2005, 01:39 AM
Sorry man but recipie books simply aren't given out here.

Okay, maybe.... But what are forums like this there for?
I simply asked for someone who can help....


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This forum is for discussing the specifics of replicating studio scale models. You must ask yourself whether you are going to build an "implied "version of the model or go for the actual replication of the filming miniature.
If your choice is the latter, I recommend pooling all your source/reference material, buy as many of the donor kits needed as you can. Using the donor kit parts, figure out the correct dimensions of the hull etc. BTW, DON'T pay any attention to the silly measurements in the CHRONICLES book as none of them are correct. Study how ILM built the hull/shape, and start piecing it together.


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Hey Darkside, sorry for the rude response. Look, take the Chronicles book if you have one, use it for references in detailing. Take your kit you did, increase the measurements to achieve three feet. Now, make a cardboard mock up based on those measurements and angles....You will have a very crude idea of how it will look. You will have to tweak the lines and angles, but you know did ILM, no model was like the least in the old days. You don't have to be as anal to have every original piece on your model as the originals did. MOST of the people that see it won't know will do yourself proud just to have built one. If someone says you aren't doing it right, or this part doesn't look right. Don't worry, you are doing it for yourself. And yes, there are "recipe" books out there, and people who would be happy to help you with the plans. I am in the process of drawing plans now and when I am finished I can give you a copy. I believe in helping, not making a newbie sweat blood to create a model. Am I good? yes I am. I did some of the modeling, 3D, grab shots for ep. III. Most of which was cgi anyway. The worst way to copy. Good luck. and remember.....if it isn't fun....make it so. Thanks. R


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Originally posted by roguemodeler@Jun 4 2005, 08:23 PM
I believe in helping, not making a newbie sweat blood to create a model. Am I good?

Yes, indeed you are. Thanks to you and all of the others who actually have something to contribute besides insults and purposeful misguidance.
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