Original Dykstraflex camera from "Star Wars" on display in L.A.


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Here's a chance to see some really cool Star Wars history. The original Dykstraflex motion control camera system - the rig that filmed all the spaceship shots in the original "Star Wars" - is currently on display at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures through July 8th. It was donated to the Academy in 2008 and we've been actively restoring it for a number of years. Even better - it actually still runs! The Academy has set up a striking display of the Dykstraflex itself, fantastic replicas of the 5' Millennium Falcon (by our own T2Sides) and X-wing filming miniatures, plus a video running with a brand new interview with John Dykstra. BONUS! Live demonstrations of the Dykstraflex will be held on Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, June 9th at 12:30 and 2:30pm both days! Hang out after and we can chat about the models!


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Its so so amazing that this equipment is what brought to life everything for the original films and how it still looks so great even today.
Also, I know a lot of the models still go on tour around the world. Not sure where they are all at currently, but it would be cool for some day to have Sean's Falcon actually side by side with the real deal.

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