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ST:VI TUC Operation Retrieve (In More Ways Than One)


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And the final page, just not in order...

Dear BobaTrek, pardon me for the vary basic question, but… where are this cards available?

And can you tell the same for the files you prepared to print them from?
Would it be possible to embed some version of them in a Star Trek-related wiki we maintain?



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After a long and arduous process of trials and errors, I have finished the digitization and will now proceed to the recreation of the 2/3 scale TO INCLUDE Scott's 1701-A diagram, as seen below, minus the red "X"s. There are quite a few attempts out there, but upon closer examination, they just don't match up. I do want to say mine does, and the only real difference I ran into was the sizing compromise I had to make to fit in in the contest, which will be page 6, of the Operation Retrieve briefing.



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