SS Snowspeeder DONE!

Wow, thats enough to create some T47 envy, super killer wicked work.
I like your basecoat, good hue, something im dreading to mix.

Very pro, looks extremely ILM which in any book is worth a massive hats off. You need to get some more shots though as these dont show it off as well as it deserves.
thanks guys. I'll take better pics hopefully tonite. It was a fun build. the kit was hassle free. minor clean up. NICE! and the scale is of course glorious!
John your so right, was only saying to Guy recently, its the nicest garage kit ive worked on, ever.
Its cast so well, and all fits like a glove, i was lucky enough to get a very new/early casting, but even so, later kits should be equally top notch with Mike at the helm.

OH BTW. the basecolor was a big batch i mixed for the rebel builds. I used it on my XWing and YWing as well. Its Vallejo Deck Tan with Vallejo White. Seems to be the best mix i've had soo far after a bunch of wrong base colors. The markings were Vallejo Scarlet Red with Vallejo Yellow.
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