Spoiler alert!!!!.....for how long?

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Contec, Mar 24, 2012.

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    I been looking at the Science Fiction Tear Jerkers that you know of? Thread http://www.therpf.com/f47/science-fiction-tear-jerkers-you-know-142775/
    and notice that movies like Contact from 1997 (15 years old) gets a spoiler tag.

    I even seen in other threads even older movies get spoiler tags.. (Citizen Kane?)

    How old does a movie need to be before the spoiler tag is no longer needed?
    There will always be people that never seen that specific movie that you are talking about.
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  3. Gigatron

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    I say one month for movies, and 1 week for tv shows.

    It's probably safe to assume that most people can only get to the theaters on weekends. A month gives you roughly 8 viewing opportunities to catch up with the world. If you chose to wait and missed your opportunity to see it, the onus is on you to avoid threads that might even remotely discuss the film and related topics.

    If you're watching a show where spoilers are a legitimate concern (i.e. The Walking Dead vs. anything by Tyler Perry), a week is fair game. If you've DVR'd it, anything more than a week, and you're too far behind for the rest of the world, to be a concern.

    If you haven't seen a movie years after it's been on tv, beta, vcr, laserdisc, dvd or blu-ray - that's your problem, not ours. Suck it up and find your way to a BlockBuster.

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    I'm the one who posted about Contact and I didn't feel whatsoever like I should have to put a spoiler tag on it but then I didn't want anyone getting mad at me for not warning them. I don't feel like any films that aren't just released recently should have to have spoiler tags. Don't go looking around the Movie Discussion threads if you're that scared of having plots ruined. Simple as that I suppose.

    I have on friend on Facebook who is always getting angry at people for posting about the plots to films, tv shows, and books that have been out for quite a while. Its absurd.
  5. Java

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    I think the responsiblity lies in the reader, not the poster.

    A "spoiler" announcement is a courtesy. If you don't want to know, don't the read the subject titled like: Discussion about the latest movie, prop, costume, character, plot,etc.

  6. asemblyrequired

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    i think the spoiler tags are ridiculous . but hey someone has to have something to do .

  7. Jedi2016

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    I would say that, for theatrical releases, once the film has been released, a simple "Spoilers" alert in the title should be enough to keep the people away that haven't seen it yet. If you still go in and read something you shouldn't have, it's your own damned fault.

    Pre-release is where it gets a little fuzzy. Speculation, especially if correct, can be spoiler material, or if you got a "leaked" script and posted about it six months before release.. a simple "spoiler" tag in the title isn't really that useful if no one can reasonably be expected to have seen the film yet.

    The discussion came up in the Prometheus thread recently, and someone said that the word "details" in the title meant there was potential spoiler material, but that title was made before they even started filming, it was meant to be production details, not story details. Actors, locations, things like that, not "Snape kills Dumbledore" material.

    I would say the best thing to do would be to leave spoiler material out of thread titles and unmarked threads for at least a year after release, or at least have the decency to use the tags.

    That said, once a film hits theaters, there should absolutely be a big honking "(Movie Title) Discussion - SPOILERS!!!" thread opened, and it should not be the same thread that existed prior to release. And within that thread, would be all of the juicy details that people who haven't seen the film wouldn't want to see. Going back to the Prometheus thread, I fully expect there to be a second thread opened on June 7th for story discussion for those that have seen the film.

    There is a statute of limitations, though. Once a user has enough time to reasonably be expected to have seen the film, then it's fair game. And really, if you haven't seen the film within the first year of release, then you probably don't care enough about it to consider yourself spoiled for reading plot details.

    Penny Arcade - As Regards Spoilification

    For TV shows, I would just have a dedicated spoiler thread and be done with it.
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    Ya everyone is different, but I am one of those people who like to know as little as possible before seeing a movie I am looking forward too. To me it's most fun to be utterly surprised.

    In that vain, I don't think the full spoiler treatment with the hidden text is always necessary, but a courtesy of just saying spoiler in the first sentence will give me the option to skip the rest of the post. We are all fans here, it's just a nice thing to do.

    And also, -SPOILER BELOW-

    Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.
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    FOR- E - VER
  11. robn1

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    Darth Vader is Luke's father.
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    Rosebud was his sled.
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    Soylent Green is People
  14. Contec

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    I think there's also a courtesy if your airing is ahead of another area. For instance, if you're in Britian and want to discuss the second season of Sherlock, either create a new thread with "Season 2 *Spoilers*" in the title, or, if you're posting in the General discussion thread, use the Spoiler tag.

    I agree, though, the some of the responsibility is on the reader. If I know there's a new Doctor Who series airing in Britian and it hasn't aired here yet, I know there are certain places I have to avoid for a while.

    It's a shared responsibility.
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  18. Art Andrews

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    This seems pretty reasonable, although with the speed at which the internet movies, it is tough to imagine people waiting that long.
  19. .:MirrorminD:.

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    What I use to do as a rule of thumb on other boards, once the movie(s) hit DVD then its fair game. Because some movies open a week or two later in different parts of the world
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    Some movies are out on DVD before they reach Danish Cinemas, so my rule is six months from when it was up in US cinemas and then you are free to post openly about anything. As an example. I have been able to buy the reg A Blu-Ray of Hugo for a while and it's just now in cinemas in Denmark.
  21. Funky

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    Personally, two years. That gives EVERYBODY an opportunity to watch it. Within two years, everything ultimately comes on TV (free stations, not cable). I figure after that, nobody can really gripe. Every excuse is gone.
    If you're bothered by a spoiler, it means you intend to see the movie...eventually.
    So you're too cheap to see it in the theaters.
    You're too cheap to rent it.
    You're too cheap to get cable.
    Now it comes on FREE TV and you STILL haven't watched it??? You have no right to say that you're bothered by spoilers as you've been given EVERY opportunity to see this movie and you snubbed every one. If you don't care enough to take every opportunity given you to see it and you STILL haven't done it, spoilers don't really bother you. You're just looking for something to complain about.

    Yup, I'm thinkin' two years.
  22. rodneyfaile

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    If something hasn't been released yet... and you are going to divulge part of the story that isn't obvious from the trailer or any other released material... then that is a spoiler.

    If something has been released, and you have not seen it yet, you are on your own and should proceed with caution in reading anything anywhere. Spoilers do not apply after release. If its out, it's fair game, better go see it before reading around message boards.
  23. terryr

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    Two weeks after the movie is out. If it's that important you'll get to the theater, or avoid the threads.

    I hate these pre-movie talk threads that show the cool stuff in them. I want the full effect at the show. So I don't read them. Simple as that.

    But I've had the opposite too. The thread says 'no spoilers' but they talk about the plot, characters, etc. Spoilers are Everything in the movie, not just the ending.
  24. JD

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    I do think you should avoid posting spoilers in thread titles....

    For example, I still haven't seen Blade Runner... therefore, I'm not going to read a thread about Blade Runner. However, that hasn't stopped some folks from posting a bit of a BR spoiler in a thread title.

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