Spiderman Face Shell Pepakura File - Foam version by JFCustom - PDF added


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Here's how it looks under a mask after filling and smoothing out the lines.

IMG_20140907_165138.jpg IMG_20140907_164459.jpg IMG_20140907_164512.jpg

The top of the head is not as round as I would want it to be, but that's okay.

Check out my build thread to see how I hardened it.


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Hey friends!
Question! What about those of the larger headed variety? I didn't see anything for scaling for a head around 25-25.5". I tried to do some math to figure it out, and based on what I found, there's about a .40 difference in faceshell measurement as head measurement goes up per whole number. Would I be right to assume that a 25" head would yield 10.80?


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone had a pep foam file for Spidey 2099's symbol? I've searched everywhere and cannot find one!! =( Any help at all would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks!!

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