spiderman 2099 build question...


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I really like the look of the spiderman 2099 suit and was thinking of trying to make it, but I can't figure out what to do about the eyes (or lack there of in the suit). Any suggestions?



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i would look at how the original spiderman is done then see if i could apply that to the 2099 suit, or just go with a cloth that i could sorta see through (kinda like the grim reaper masks).


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I like to use aluminum screen pounded with a rubber mallet over a large round stone and the layered with 2 more shaped screens. I then sew the screen pieces together by hand using a fine fishing wire. Add a foam trim and paint the desired color. I also use compressed air to blow out any paint that my collect between the holes in the aluminum screen.


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You can see throught some zentai suits. It's not a complete vision but it can do the trick. Try to check one and see for yourself if that fits your needs. :)


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Attack the cloth from the back and thin it out somehow?

Grease makes paper translucent. Maybe clear spray would help with cloth.
I've recently thought about this as well. I'd say use the same type of screen that is used on regular spidey suits, but paint it to match the same shade of blue the rest of the suit is.


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You can use fine mesh from fry pan splatter screens painted white on the outside. Or use white scrim / roll shade material or plastic screen mesh.


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going to look at some material samples today for the build. If it's what I am looking for then that will be a big step in know which way to go.
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