Spider-man: No way home costume thread *SPOILERS*


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Cleaner shot of the new suit from a TV Spot


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Finished up my Maguire lenses (spideyplanet frames)


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Seeing it again tonight, it really DOES look like the webs on the Tobey suit is a just flat, multi-layered, high density screen prints, with either a top layer that is thinner and silver, or a silver layer outlined in black— originally I thought it was several layers of high density prints with each layer getting thinner (to replicate that chamfered edge,) but it really seems like flat topped extrusions with a silver center.
Still looks great, just SO different from the original—but hey, I'm sure this Peter got tired of casting urethane webs for new suits at some point ;)

A sketch of the spider on the new suit is also featured in the end credits.

It's slightly cropped, but it looks good!
I really appreciate that it seems to be a combination of all three spider-logos through the ages— as this is the first time I noticed the legs don't connect to the body, like with Holland's spider.

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Saw it again to confirm. The red part of the boots seem to come to a pretty sharp point in the shin. The spider is also on all 3 web strands.


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Working on the part I'm the most apprehensible about. Anyone have anytips to ensure the webs on all sides of the mask and the torso and arms are all lined up?
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