Spartan War hero armor set from Assassin's Creed Odyssey


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Decided to make this my next cosplay project for 2020. Here you will be able to see updates from the proccess :).



  • sabin-lalancette-artblast-fullsizezb-outfit-spartanwarhero-front-alexios-slalancette.jpg
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  • sabin-lalancette-artblast-fullsize-outfit-spartanwarhero-3quarter-alexios-slalancette.jpg
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  • sabin-lalancette-artblast-fullsize-outfit-spartanwarhero-3quarter-kassandra-slalancette.jpg
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  • sabin-lalancette-artblast-fullsize-outfit-spartanwarhero-back-alexios-slalancette.jpg
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  • sabin-lalancette-artblast-fullsize-outfit-spartanwarhero-front-alexios-slalancette.jpg
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No need to apologise sir.

I look forward to any progress with this, I’m actually hoping to do a Spartan War Hero (with some parts tweaked, and a shield) myself at some stage...


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Recently upgraded and fixed my old Prusa MK2S printer and picked those strap decorations for test printing. 0.08mm layer and primer on top. Not bad I would say. Gonna print those on a SLS / SLA printer anyway but wanted to check if I assembled my FDM printer correctly.



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If everything goes well I'm printing this front torso piece during the weekend. For now it's about 85% complete, missing some topology adjustments and details + procedural grunge texture.

Frame 15.jpg
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And this could be the texture. Going to print it on FDM printer with 0.15 resolution so I'm wandering how much of this texture will preserve after sanding etc.

Frame 16.jpg


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69:57h later. Took quite a while to print this size fit test piece but it's finally here :D. Awesome stuff :D

Height of the armor seems to be spot on, now I have to print the backside and see if depth is correct as well but I can already tell from the game model that default value will most likely be too big.

Frame 16.jpg
Frame 18.jpg
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Kinda big news - few days ago I bought my first resin printer and decided to do some test with decorative elements for Spartan War Hero, they came out... quite nice :D.

This is just part of the stuff I need, I will show more in near future. They will also be available as a cold cast kit but I will make a post about it later in proper section of therpf.

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