300 spartan armor


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having some trouble with the spartan cape

we are in july 2022 and you cant buy these ANYWHERE. I cant even get anyone to comission one..
last auctions i even see are like 2016

I have a few questions. if anyone knows.
im nearly done with my armor but the cape is being difficult to find the material.

1: what is the material of the cape?
burlap 10oz 100% linen?
flannel 100% cotton?
indian silk matka?

2: is it better to sew the cape to the harness or create snap buckle pins?

3: is it more heavy than light?

any reds iv looked at in stores, hobby lobby, etc. are not red, kind of a tomato color.
any source links to purchase material would be great thanks..
i will edit/attach links to this post to help others.

armor legs

armor hands/legs

armor helmet

brooch pin clasp

lots of options pick one you like.

list later

list later
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