3d model

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  1. Iskelderon

    Galaxy Rangers - Ranger One

    While I'm waiting for some electronics for my Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter project to be delivered I've decided to model this childhood classic to later light a 3D-printed version later on. Basic geometry is done, now comes the detailing part.
  2. Kiwimaddog

    HL:Alyx Combine Suppressor buildthread[CAD & 3D-print][FINISHED]

    So it's been a while but I though I should document my latest helmet-build here. This time it's the Combine Suppressor aka Overwatch that I decided to make. I've based my build on an extracted mesh from the game and built my helmet around that. I spent maybe 6months on and off working on the...
  3. Sledge Hammer

    Sledge Hammer

    St-Regis 3D printed in 1/24 scale
  4. savmagoett

    Blade Runner 1982 White Dragon neon sign 3D model

    Hi guys ! I'm working on a 3D model of the White Dragon neon sign from the original Blade Runner. The goal is to make a video animation to be displayed on a screen to simulate having the actual sign at my place (a tv screen fireplace for geek if you will). I'll make the video available for...
  5. Vikt0r

    Dark Forces II: 3d Models and Makes

    Hey all, So I continued with my obsession and made/commissioned more props from the Jedi Knight game and wanted to share how that's been going. I got some better tools so I'll be cleaning these up soon. I also recently 3d modeled all of the lightsabers. I just gone done with Weegee...
  6. Frogfreak

    Boba fett (Helmet) 3D sculpt. Any tips?

    Hey guys, been working on a boba fett helmet 3D sculpt the past few days and i'm wanting some opinions. it's still in somewhat early stages, but i wan't to know some opinions of some of you boba experts out there! Here are some pics as-is: Front: Left: Back: Right: And here's on just...
  7. coffeehedake

    Ghostbusters - Ecto-1 Misc Parts

    Hello all, I had some folks on Facebook asking about certain odd parts for the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Roof rack, which ended up turning into doing a couple other parts. I'm giving away the STL files for the 3D printer folks that are interested. Roof rack heatsink: Avionics control panel...
  8. R

    First Order 3D printed armor

    Hey everyone, I am new to cosplay, but I've always awed at the amazing armor of the 501st troopers. I want First Order TFA armor and was thinking of going the 3d printing route, is this recommendable and has anyone have experience printing TFA armor? There are files available on the internet...

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