Space Academy Planetoid build in 1/2 studio scale

The refs I've gotten for the Starfire are screencaps from the dvd release:


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Publiusr, I really don't know what went into the Star Command Defense Drones; given the late-Seventies, they literally could be anything from pure scratchbuild, to converted salad dressing bottles, to modified chair leg attachments. There was a fair amount of vacuform materials used in the interior full size sets of Space Academy (the interior corridor section, the Bridge/Command Deck and the Seeker and Starfire interiors) but whether the model makers had any access to that is yet another thing that I do not know.

Here are some salad dressing bottles that potentially could have served as vacuform bucks; Girards redesigned their classic bottle in 2019, but the prior design was in use from the 1960's - 2010's.


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I love Berton's DVD, bought it when it was released. This is some of the additional footage that he has been putting up on YouTube. At 4:33 in the video is a behind the scenes pic from Jason of Star Command, showing Drago's Dragonship - and I'd never seen that pic before! Thank you! (y)
Thank you! Many of the sub-assemblies are complete, or nearly so. The main issues right now are the LEDs ( eight needed) and the big honking seam joining the top and bottom foam sections.

Then, final painting of the planetoid, and placement of all the sub-assemblies, a few pics, and toss it into the truck to go to Wonderfest! :)
I've been getting a fair amount done, just haven't had any time on the web for posting. The planetoid has 8 lights with heat sinks, research by some others (Patrick King Hill & I & Satazius) have nailed down many of the donor ID's of many parts; some others are of unknown post May-1977 leftover parts. The heat sinks, however, sure look to be some form of the Aavid and the Arcol types used in A New Hope. Since I am half-studio-scaling this model, some scratchbuilding was needed


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Major goal accomplished; lights and battery pack inside with the upper and lower halves sealed together. I have a plan to deal with that monster seam, and, I remembered to paper-tape wrap the bases of the LED's so that they can get painted to match the planetoid.


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...and after a 'use-it-or-lose-it' vacation, back to fixing the planetoid up: seams mostly stuffed full, with additional adjustments yet to be made:


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And, the seam filling is done. Perfect?


But, adequate for my purposes - and next up, some dry-brushing of other grays/greys and some light shades of brown, then onto the ventral structures. Those were always pretty obscured, so... some liberties just might get taken. :cool:


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