Space 1999 Ultra Probe Command Module


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Beautiful work with the masking! The results are absolutely spot on. I'm in the process of finishing a Swift and am faced with the same tasks.It will be worth it in the end if it all looks as neat as this


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Thanks guys. The masking is a bit tedious especially with a long delay before it's removed. Being patient with it is critical. I just started adding some of the markings in pencil like the studio model. It does replicate the look in the photos pretty well but still looks odd up close. The pencil smudges pretty bad so I'm going to have to hit it with dull coat every few lines to lock down the graphite and prevent finger prints from getting all over it.


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I've finished drawing on the line details. Managed to avoid debris impacts for the most part :D.

Next up is weathering and those little cable doohickeys.



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Wow! I wish I had the skill to do this! You are pretty good at this. Looks real nice, great job!