Source for mark telling george he lost the graflex in the last movie and them putting on the v2?


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I know people have said that mark told george that he lost the graflex in the last movie and then they gave him the V2 .. but i can't seem to find the source to this.. does anyone know where that came from?

steven giunta

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If I’m not mistaken it Stems from a photo we’re George is talking to mark and he is holding a graflex. I remember people posting that they could imagine mark saying to George “I lost my lightsaber last movie”.from that somehow it became fact that this was what happened. I don’t think mark or anybody cared that much about having the proper lightsaber,they were constantly using different sabers throughout all three is a cool story and I wish it were true but I don’t think it is.I’m sure mark would have taken whatever saber he was handed without questioning it.

scarf man

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Here is the thread in question.

…and the pic.
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