So does the Predator killer mess things up?


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So after the ending of The Predator, it got me thinking. If the human race now have the means to counteract any attacks from the predator race in future, does it leave the franchise at a bit of a dead end? Or are the Super Predators the new threat?

So what next for the Yautja race?


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Despite that I hate everything about the plot of this movie, plus the look of fugitives armor, and Upgrades dino-legs, I'd certainly say that if this movie were to be treated like canon in the future, any sequels would need to feel like some sort of Marvel movie. So yeah, that ending and the plot of this film have brought the franchise into even more of a dead end than it already was in. Predators was a step in the right direction after AvP, but this puts it right back in the corner/grave.

The way the Upgrade wanted to hinder humanity getting that weapon, plus the fact that it's the only weapon fugitive brought makes me think that even the Super Predators aren't a threat to it, so that's that I guess?


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The ending effectively killed future Predator movies. Unless somehow, a new one comes out that diverts from all the crap we've gotten since P2. I think the only way to go is on the past.
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